Saturday, 27 October 2007

Well another relatively peaceful night

Freya only woke up once as far as I know last night and I was woken up by her this morning..... she is quite an alarm clock :) but even when she cries it's not at the usual newborn 140db brain piercing cry, she gets to a certain point and then only dogs can hear her.....

The weather is appalling out here in the sticks, it's that drizzly rain that completely soaks every pore you have. Andrea's mum has gone to a coffee morning at the boat club with my parents, so by the time she gets back she will know every little thing about me and my previous life, not that my mother likes to talk or anything or that I have anything to hide :¬)

to be perfectly honest I really don't know what I would have done without my mum and dad post divorce, she talked a lot of sense into me, some of which I ignored but a lot of it I followed and my Dad......well he was just my Dad always 100% there for me, solid and reliable, and unflinching ... salt of the earth and then some :)

anyway we have friends coming down today to "coo" and "ahh" over Freya the incredible unconscious baby and I'm managing to keep the kids quiet by luckily finding a windows version of "SuperTux" it's basically like "SuperMario" but with a penguin instead of a plumber, either way it's pretty addictive and my stepdaughter batters hell out of the keyboard in frustration sometimes when it doesn't quite go her way on it

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Chris said...

Hi Bro, congrats on newest arrival, card has been made and I will post it today.
I have made Rhi. a card also, and as always day I will get everyones cards to them on time.
Have read through a few pages..What can I say?
Love as always SIS.