Friday, 12 October 2007

The Dark Destroyer resurfaces

I started building the Unbuntu linux machines last night, so I removed the Edimax wifi card from the existing kids pc, to include it in the new linux pc build, it didn't work !!....well that's not entirely true, it did work it just refused to connect to the ADSL AP SSID (basically it could see the router but refused to connect to it), other than that it absolutely flew running the operating system much faster than it would run XP :)

so anyway ......bugger I thought and I put the wifi card back in the kids pc, booted up and......nothing......removing the card had somehow screwed up the registry, it saw the card but refused to load it's firmware when XP booted, so early this morning I was busily repairing XP on the kids pc, hopefully it will fix the registry issue, by the time I get home, if not then it will have to be scrubbed and re-installed.... :(

anyway I have ordered 3 edimax wifi cards and a usb wifi print server so we can all share the printer/scanner, the only annoying thing is that the computers use PC133 SDRAM memory which costs a bloody fortune £35 for 512MB !!! the same in DDR ram is £15 !!! (I might have to dig around in my glory boxes full of antique hardware, who knows I might have a few Gigabytes of memory lying around somewhere)

Then all we need are two monitors, I did have 4 or 5 really good working ones but they met an untimely death with the mad axe man of Sarnau a couple of years back.....I have to admit despite all his faults he was good at destroying white goods and electrical items ..... ;¬) anyway that's all ancient history there is no point dwelling on things you can't change, you should only worry about the things you can change

which reminds me it's my youngest daughters birthday soon, I'll do the usual send a card with some cash, because I have no idea what she is into or in fact what she or my eldest daughter looks like now, my parents sent some presents and got a thank you letter recently ( well I say recently it was months ago....), they even saw them in the flesh which broke my heart, I practically interrogated my mother asking her what they looked like now, I still don't my minds eye they are as they were when I left my ex in 2003, but I know they must have grown up radically since then, I might not even recognise them if I passed them in the street, or maybe I would, I simply do not know ..... :( I haven't had a peep from them since I last saw them except for a few letters, but every year I remember their birthdays and Christmas, I don't even know if they get what I send, and at times I've thought ......

"what is the point ? I may as well set alight to the things I send at least then I'll see SOMETHING even if it is just smoke and watery eyes" probably hurt a lot less as well ....

but every year I do the same and they are my daughters and despite what they think of me, I still love and miss them terribly that has never changed..... anyway I can't change how things have panned out, so I'll try not to dwell on it .....too much ....again, as I do practically every bloody day, but somehow it's worse at the milestones :(

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