Monday, 22 October 2007

Not a good start to the day

I was late for work this morning because of the Xbox360 Halo 3 recluse, he had obviously been up most of the night gaming on his console and couldn't get out of bed this morning for school !!! and he jammed up the bathroom for the precious 10 minutes I need before I go to work he should have been on his way to school at that time ..... consequently I was running 10 minutes late, fortunately there was a delay on the M4 so I didn't have to tell any porky pies about why I was late....

anyway his Xbox360 was disconnected/banned from the broadband router before I left for work this morning as I muttered my way into the Duran Duran car and won't be reconnected until tomorrow morning, I don't mind how much of his life he wastes/spends on his Xbox as long as it doesn't effect anybody else and if he can't get up in the morning after being on a killing spree as "master chief" all night during the school week and he makes other people late in the morning because he is tired and can't be arsed to get out of bed...... then his first offence will be 24 hours of no Xbox live, second offence 48 hours etc etc ..... until he learns his lesson....and if he thinks he can connect his Xbox directly to the router via an ethernet cable........wrong.....his MAC address has been banned on the router which is passworded, he would have more success connecting the toaster to it..... so unless he buys a new Xbox360 he has no chance of connecting to Xbox live until I unban him.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... he was warned about this during the summer so it's not going to be news to him

The only other notable thing that happened this weekend was Andrea's ex husband ringing up to speak to the kids, I answered the phone and instead of his usual "can I speak to the kids" in the usual monotone demanding way once he knew it was me on the phone, he was actually pleasant and civil and actually used my name, and used "please" it was nice ....... maybe he realises that neither I nor Andrea will ever stop him from seeing or contacting his kids, God forbid (if I believed in him) because I know how awful that is to go through, I have no idea if we will ever be on talking terms again, it's unlikely, but it's nice that he is being civil.... at least :)

and it's all quiet on the bun front which is slightly overdue, Andrea has been having regular contractions all weekend but they have only lasted for 5 or 6 seconds then nothing until the next bout of them, she is in the assessment unit now and the baby is on a foetal monitor and she has taken her overnight bag with her, so as she said "that will be it now, she will be home by 4pm"..... I hope not this waiting is doing my head in... and hers, although her brain has been Swiss cheesed by the pregnancy so there isn't much to "do in" with her at the moment, if she hadn't been to university or hadn't been good enough to go to university I think I would have been living with a potato by now after her being ravaged by pregnancy hormones, ahhh well all should return to normal once it's born :)

addendum... all the kids have been told to be up and out of the house by 08:30 and Halo-boy has promised it won't happen again.....we shall see.....I've enabled his wifi connection for now but he still has his 24 hour wifi ban hanging over him if it happens again.....he thinks I'm

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