Tuesday, 30 October 2007

it's my last day of paternity leave

and I have to see one of my customers today, I don't particularly want to go, and it's a no brainer setting up a a few laptops for secure wifi access to their company lan/wan ......but it puts a bit more in the melting pot so to speak, looking on the bright side it is a fantastic autumn morning, bright blue sky and gentle breeze if a bit nippy :)

Freya slept for 7 hours last night, a new record !!! it must be her mothers milk I'm convinced it's laced with morphine it's the only explanation.... Andrea's mother went home this morning, she has been a great help all through the week, piles of ironed clothes have been appearing as if by magic on the beds and the washing machine and iron have put in a request to have a well earned holiday and both breathed a sigh of relief when she left.....

we have the proud granddad coming down next week.

My stepdaughter is cuddling the incredible sleeping baby on the sofa right now, she is good with her although every now and again you have to remind her that Freya's head can't support itself like hers just yet, but she is getting the hang of it, and she adores her :)

ohhh nearly forgot to say, in town the other day we bumped into the xbox recluse on a rare outing from his xbox, it's quite disconcerting being surrounded by teenage hoodies where all of them are "ahhhhing" and "cooing" over her, to be fair though halo boy does have a nice selection of friends, he is a sensible lad despite his current addiction to body count in Halo3

the only other thing worth a mention is I forked out for a new phone, my old one which is nearly 4 years old was starting to creak at the buttons, I got the Nokia 6070 a pretty basic phone and for a knock down price of £25, like all phones these days it comes with a camera and a radio, and can play mp3's... bit of a waste really because all I will be using it for is texting and talking really....call me old fashioned

bring back the red call boxes !!! when life was simple and not a ringtone in sight !!

Anyway I must bugger off things to do etc

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