Thursday, 25 October 2007

Ahhhh the CSA such a caring organisation....

I quote

"I'm writing today about the arrangements for collecting your child maintenance payments. According to our records, We've agreed that you should pay these by manual cheque, Calendar Monthly" Well thanks for telling me that you've agreed, because I haven't done anything of the sort !!!

but that's what you get with a faceless, unaccountable organization, with powers way above what it should have, they go on to threaten me with all the various methods they have now at their disposal should I prove reluctant to cough up, albeit still with no contact with my daughters. Don't get me wrong I'm not averse to supporting my daughters, but a reasonable and fair amount which can be afforded with none or very little impact on my new family, instead while one family reaps the rewards another has to scrimp and save to make ends meet, how is that looking after the welfare of children where one family has to suffer so another doesn't ?

My appeal has been posted/lodged, we simply cannot afford £175.54 a month simple as, and if it's enforced then I shall be forced to give up work to take me below their so called thresholds, so basically my new family will suffer and so will another family because I will have been forced to be unemployed, how is that helping ? all it does is throw another capable person onto the social security bonfire, because nobody works to have it taken off them, what is the point ? there is no incentive to better yourself

One thing I won't do is jeopardise the welfare of my new family. This isn't helping my daughters, well two of them might benefit if my payments aren't simply swallowed by the anonymity and enormous cost of the system, my youngest daughter will definitely be deprived, I sincerely doubt my daughters would see anywhere near what I would be paying and it certainly will not helping my three step children I am currently supporting, you know you buy into the whole package when you take on a woman previously married, when I married Andrea I knew I would be supporting the whole family.....but instead I'll be supporting two families..... it's the government propping up a failing social security system by clawing back what they can from people who can ill afford it....

here are some statistics :-

Child support agency

Money recovered by CSA from non-resident parent 350M
Money recovered by old court system 350M
Operating cost of child support agency to taxpayer 213M
Operating cost of old court system 60M
Maintenance assessment forms returned 260.5K
Total cases cleared 568K
Interim assessment 64K
Full maintenance assessment 187K
Average maintenance 45.53/wk
Interim maintenance 96.67/wk
Compliance rate 33%
Debt uncollectable 900M£
Normal employment rate 87%
CSA father employment rate 55%
No. fathers unemployed because of CSA 32%
No CSA related suicides 39
Percent of MPs mailbag taken up by CSA 10-20%
No. MPs wanting abolition of CSA 200
Time to deal with claims 211 days
Average accuracy rate (chief CS officer Haselwood) 34% accurate

makes you wonder why they exist doesn't it ?

when I was in the Army if we had an exercise and there were more than 50,000 troops deployed on it, and there were more than 2 deaths the whole exercise would be called off because it had exceeded the MOD guidelines on safety, but here we have a government organisation which through it's own statistics admit they have caused 39 deaths through hounding their non resident parents, they also cost more than the old system, and only have a 33% success rate AND 200 MP's want to abolish it's very existence.....

so it's beyond my understanding why they are still here

I can understand why fathers disappear off the face of the earth, and even commit suicide with debts such as these thrown at them when they are at their lowest and most vulnerable, I have a feeling this is going to drag on for years, but never mind it's gives me a hobby fighting the CSA :) as for fathers for justice, I think not..... I don't think it would be a good look in Lycra and a pair of underpants over my trousers

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