Sunday, 7 October 2007

Glangwili Hospital is not the best place to spend the night !!

Well I'm totally knackered today I got home at 5:30am from the hospital, and no before you jump to conclusions Andrea has not had the baby........yet

It started last night, I was sitting down watching TV in the lounge and my whole right arm absolutely killed me, it didn't matter where I put my arm it hurt like hell, and it got progressively worse until bed time, I got into bed and noticed my forearm had swollen very noticeably which was worrying enough, but the pain was "almost" unbearable and showing no signs of lessening, so Andrea suggested me going to A&E at first I though "nah...I've probably torn a ligament or something" but as I laid down it just throbbed like hell, so I though well I'm not going to get any sleep anyway like this I may as well get it checked out, so I drove myself to hospital leaving Andrea at home with the kids......

I got into Casualty and explained what was going on, and before I could blink I was strapped up to an ECG machine arms legs chest the lot, I was having blood pressure taken in both arms, my right arm was at one point 175/45 and my left was normal at 120/80 so weirdness was going on no doubt about it......they were totally flummoxed as to what it was, my ECG was normal and other than elevated blood pressure in my right arm and my obvious pained expression they could see nothing wrong with me, so they elected to take a blood sample...I went through the usual "You'll have trouble getting blood out of me, I have very elastic and elusive veins"...."oh don't worry Mr Brabrook, I've been doing this for years, there hasn't been one person I haven't been able to draw blood from yet....."

25 minutes later and many stab wounds to both arms she eventually admitted I had defeated her, so she called on a professional vampire to extract my life's blood, who went straight in for the kill and sucked the two necessary vials worth of blood out of me in less than a minute, after the doctor apologised for treating me like a medical students orange she informed me the blood tests would take an hour and a half to come back from the lab....... so I waited

you have to realise this was Saturday night and Carmarthen's drunks had been out in force, one guy had collapsed in the Waterside club and had been dragged into casualty kicking and screaming, closely followed by his mother and girlfriend who were convinced their beloved had had his drinks spiked with drugs because this was so uncharacteristic of him (rolls eyes.....) and because he hung around with people who took drugs, alas it turned out the skinny bloke had simply drunk himself to saturation point and collapsed purely through alcohol, and there was another screaming teenager dragged in by her parents who was complaining that her mother wanted to section her......for what I don't know, but they could have started with a gag first then moved onto sectioning as a last resort...... needless to say I wasn't in a very good mood, I was in pain, waiting amongst a load of drunks singing, swearing, and generally being total arses, how my sister ever worked in A&E in this very same hospital is beyond me.....

anyway my blood test results came back and low and behold everything was normal, so they did some reaction tests and found that my arm wasn't reacting in the same way my other was, so concluded I had nerve damage, they shot me full of warfarin (I've noticed "Star" our hamster hides in the corner of her cage as I pass now ;¬) ) and let me go advising I took pain killers, to be honest I was glad to be out of there.

the only thing I can put it down to was earlier that day I had been fitting a brake light switch under the dashboard and I had to contort myself to get underneath it with my arms, but I don't recall hurting myself at all, maybe it was just a delayed reaction who knows. Anyway the pain isn't as bad as yesterday so life goes on :)

I was supposed to be going over to my parents house today to repair their computer after Alan my brother in law had tried to remove the linux grub loader from their computer, in the process he torched the boot strap and neither Windows 2000 or Linux could boot, grub loader is notoriously difficult to eradicate from any pc, and it best left where it is...... I intend to install Unbuntu Linux on their pc, it's free, comes on one disk and has everything my parents need, an email client, mahjong, and firefox browser, but alas they are out or at least not answering their phone, so it will have to wait.....

other than that life returns to normal :)

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