Monday, 18 June 2007

The fairy lights are up

My other half purchased a string of fairy lights in Carmarthen on Saturday,
only because I had dared to completely ignore her "alleged" strict
instructions to ONLY purchase a string of lights......anyway on Sunday they
were strung around the decking hand rail, needless to say as with all things
light related, and especially fairy light related, (with those bulbs that
never last and are completely false economy) several of them refused to
light up, so I set out to find the fault(s), after repairing one and getting
a few more to light up, I found two other bulbs that were broken, probably
down to my other half getting violent with them as she found out the 18
metres didn't quite get all the way around, so I stripped them out and
reconnected the wires to continue the circuit so all told out of a potential
of 280 lights, 278 are twinkling, an acceptable loss of illumination by any
standards, I have to admit it does look good at night, but she has yet to
see the extravaganza of 320 bright white (3 times brighter no less!!) LED

Blackpool eat your heart out, Carmarthen is going to have a close encounter
of its own kind..... ;¬)

Ohhh and the weather is not looking good, but it's improved since yesterdays
forecast of thunder and lightning.....we shall see I guess :)

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