Thursday, 7 June 2007

I've slaughtered thousands of weeds today

Well actually it was yesterday, I sprayed a large contingent of Nettles and various other charming garden plants with the stuff on the left, and contrary to the television adverts they don't wither and die within 20 seconds, apparently it takes a minimum of 14 days to bump them off, oh to have a time lapse life, you could just fast forward to the good bits :) anyway poisoning the nettles has to be better than petrol strimming them, because if you think you have been stung by a nettle badly before, try strimming them, you have no idea how much nettle juice and other nasties get on your exposed skin, and I am convinced that rural nettles are far worse than suburban nettles, needless to say I looked like I had been attacked by a swarm of bees after strimming them..... you live and learn.
I did notice whilst getting stung 14,000 times a second that the rooks have gone now, they have obviously reared the next generation and gone off to do what rooks do in the summer, I should think we will get them back next year, roll on the summer proper :)

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