Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Ten days until the wedding

Well as the title suggests its 10 days until I tie the knot with my intended, there has been a lot of activity going on, various trips out to here and there to get this and that, on my part I ordered and picked up the Gazebo which is 9m x 3m, and apparently one of my sisters is providing the fairy lights, my other sister in London is purchasing the falling over juice for the guests, and our parents collectively between them are providing the food amongst other things, we have our own quiche maker from Hungary invited (well she is from Cwm Duad actually, but allegedly has a healthy dollop of Hungarian blood in her), we even have Scottish people coming !! Then of course there are tables from here and there, music system by me, Garden flares, helium balloons, candles no doubt, and I’m sure loads more stuff to come, and this is all before we actually make it to the registry office !!! Unfortunately we can’t really go away after the wedding on a honeymoon because of our various commitments but I’ve arranged something special for after the wedding and reception.

So all in all a very special celebration with family and friends of course

So much for it being a “quiet” family affair as with most things wedding related, it turns into a bit of a juggernaut with no brakes. But to be honest I don’t really mind, we won’t be doing it again, so may as well make the most of it :)

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